Above and beyond in all aspects


Jason is very professional and have bought and sold with Jason in the past.


A highly professional sales person, always working closely with the clients to satisfactorily attain the objectives importantly assigned to him at a given time.

Diep Van Le

Quality service, precise information and manner, friendly and happy attitude.


Jason has always been pleasant to deal with - I have known him for a few years now - always polite, thoughtful and caring


He has now twice dealt with our family and cannot be faulted with his attention to detail and the ability to keep us informed.


He was professional, knowledgeable, personable and sold our house for $30,000 more than we expected in just 2 weeks on the market!

Sarah Mahony

Followed up every phone call, sold lots in the area


Jason was enthusiastic, personable and exceeded our expectations in terms of the price he secured for us.

Christa Hugill

Good service always kept me updated

Paul Manti

Jason worked very hard to get us the price we needed in order to facilitate the purchase of another property. We are very grateful for all the work he and his team put in.

Michael King

Jason was very thorough with the whole process and made it seem like a seamless task to sell my home

Sloane Tan

Jason was brilliant. He was great to deal with. He was open and friendly and his dedication resulted in a quick sale

Jason Brincat

He provided a accurate appraisal for my property. He was sensitive to mum's feelings as she was selling her home. He conducted the sales and family briefings in a polite and professional manner.

Maria Care

Jason and his team were brilliant, did all they could, got us a sale in first weekend, above our expectation

Gary Olbrich

This was a fantastic experience, in an industry that has so many cowboys I am so lucky to have come across Jason and the team at Ray White. Jason is a good communicator with a great knowledge of the property market. I’d have no problems recommending him to friends, family and anyone else looking for excellent customer service.

Aaron Drogemuller

professional approach, desired result achieved

Deanna Condo

1) Good communication in keeping us informed each step of the way. 2) Actually returns phone calls.

Richard Leong

Great service, great communication and got a great price

Eugene Galekovic

Great communication and we felt that Jason really cared about our property sale and our circumstances. Nice guy.

Joseph Romanik

Happy with everything

Sam Hoe Kwik as Power of Attorney for

True professional from start to finish

Paul & Maria Ansell

Jason was very enthusiastic about selling and helping to come to a good outcome. He was very respectful and helped on every step of the process.

Hilda Lovell

Jason was easy to deal with and got the job do e

Ana Soda

Jason was always on call for us offering good sound advice, when we decided to sell he made it as simple and stress free as possible. He comes highly recommended by us, regards Serena and Aron

Aron Norris

Positive outgoing personality. Good listening and communication skills with effective outcomes Jason was very accommodating at all times. Wishing him all the best in his future endeavours

Tania Duff-Tytler

Professional, clear concise communication and willingness to offer advice.

Justin Wing Kean Wong

Jason was always approachable, friendly, professional and the plan that he put into action to get the best possible price for our property worked exceptionally well. He also has a quality team to help in the process, and whenever we had questions about anything at all Jason and his team gave us a quick and accurate response.

Mark Musolino

Very committed and very approachable agent

Rodrigo Alejandro Diaz Rodriguez

We just like the way he engages with us and potential buyers, his knowledge of the local area, & his team are always friendly and responsive to queries or concerns. Have already recommended him to a few friends.

Nathan Franklin

Good communication, honest, a real people person

Michael Dickson

Great professional service

Geoff & Robyn Kilpatrick

Very friendly and polite, well spoken.

Franco & Ada Albuino

The man know what he's doing and operates in an very efficient way with outstanding communication.

Shaun Lyon

Excellent communication and extremely professional

Anthony & Michelle Cotton

Good communication. The team worked hard to achieve the outcome.

Theodore & Ermelinda Gelastopoulos

They kept us informed with everything that was happening.

Nathan & Michelle Smith

Efficient and friendly service. Good communication.

Julie Nettle

Jason is great to deal with, honest and straightforward.

Jeremy Carter

Easy to deal with, kept fully and regularly informed, no fuss professional service

Victor & Janice Richardson

Jason and his team have been been winners

Lew Chinner as Executor of the Estate of

Jason is dedicated to getting the best for the client. As a vendor it was a hassle-free process. He's also a nice guy :o)

Christopher & Shannon Schapel

He worked with what I wanted to start with and made solid recommendations along the way. His experience was awesome

Margaret Barnes

Jason was very friendly and knew what he was doing


Jason Spagnuolo and team took the stress out of my hands and I thank everyone for they 're help.

Lida Moretti

Very friendly and made selling the house a fairly straight -forward , stress -free experience.

Hellmut Weifen

Jason was very professional yet friendly and personal. A wonderful person to work with

Pellegrino & Roselyn Lepore

Jason was lovely to work with and always really great on the phone, positive and friendly

David & Rhiannon Mundy

Jason is very professional and provided us with fantastic service.

Domenico Cassetta

I just liked him from the inital interview. He and Nick allayed my fears when i was feeling that people had lost interest after the inital weekend. They always had a positive attitude, and i felt that due to their experience and skill, i would get the price i was happy with.

Gisela Grunwald

Professional and responsive

Michael Kokolakis

I found Jason to be friendly, helpful and a joy to deal with. Ray White should be proud to have such a valued team member working for them - his honesty and integrity has been greatly appreciated.

Mark & Heidi Grebe

Jason had a tough sell,with the properties given to him. Jason and his team did a fantastic job.

Rebecca Jones

Jason was extremely informative when it comes to the area. His manner was very courteous, approachable and sincere. And one of his highest qualities was always getting back to you when he said he would.

Darren & Jodie Carlaw

Jason was always willing to help and always very cheery. He helped us gain a good price for our unit.

Helen Coleman

Jason is very helpful, friendly and ready available if you need to ask a question

Trevor Heylen

Jason workds hard to achieve results with opens every weekend and keeps us well informed

Anthony & Helen McGuinness

Jason is very honest and personable man. Is very knowledgeable, trusted and well regarded agent in the area. Has a terrific success rate. Great customer service and always makes it convenient for the customer.

Shannon Metcalfe

Easy going, professional and competent. He achieved a price within our range.

Geoffrey McDonald

Good knowledge of the area. Great communication and well organised.


Jason provided good advice that has been timely, accurate and added value to the sale process

Ronald Horne

Very pleased with Jason and his team. Of all the people we talked to, Jason was the only one to see the value in our property and approach the sale in the style we desired. Very pleased with the whole experience and sale price achieved.

Christopher & Katherine Duncan

Very diligent and communicated well

Stephen Hibbit

Efficient and professional. I am living overseas so good communication was essential, and I received that from Jason.

Gregory Comer

Jason is highly personable and looks to give positive feedback where possible, acts in a highly professional manner

Desmond Loades

Very in touch with his market and achieved the prices we were asking.

Brenton & Julie Le Poidevin

he was honest, helphul and kept me informed throughout out the whole process

Hariklia Stamatopoulos

Found his Team Member to be diligent and communicated well.

Carmelo Asciutto

Found Jason very professional, kept us informed of progress and responded to any queries without hesitation.

Enzo & Rosemary Musitano

Jason is very professional, enthusiastic and determined to achieve a good result.

Anthony Primavera

He is always prompt at answering any question we have and let's us know if he is going to be later than he said, when we have arranged a time.

Neil & Gladys Nichols

Jason communicated regularly, provided good advice even before we had agreed to give him the sale.\ There were three parties involved in the sale and he communicated with all parties.\ He got a good sale price within a week of advertising

Sharon Ward

Good communication, and relatively fast results.

Dallas Quigley

This young gentleman is going to go far. Knowing I didnt want to put my dads house on the market til probate was granted. He kept in touch with me very politely, also keeping me informed of whats happening around the area eg when the house next door went on the market. I can go on with lots. Great service

Joseph & Catherine Patti